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Thursday, 8 January 2015

TIPS | Blogging in 2015

I have started with blogging almost two months ago and what I learnt is that you can express yourself, show who you are, share what you love and connect with people who love the same things as you do. As the new year came, we all say "New year, new me" but you can't change trough the night but you can try to change the old you.

Remember the day you said you are going to start to work out but you didn't? Think about it. Make a change in 2015, say it, but also do it. 
When it comes to blogging, here are few tips or decisions that I am about to make, to make my blogging better...

All of us even ones experienced writer's block; when we didn't actually know what to write for our new post. That's the reason I bought my blogging diary. What's a blogging diary? Blogging diary can help you when you come up with new ideas to write them down, and when you need to write your post and you have writer's block, whaoala, you can read through your diary and I'm sure that block will be gone, and your head full of new words for your readers.

So, as is a new year, all of us have some new targets, new resolutions or goals for the new year. Us bloggers have at least one resolution or goal in common and that would be to be more successful with our blog. Here's the time when we need to set our targets. Make sure your targets are measurable, and also realistic and not too high and achievable. Of course, they won't be achieved if you won't work for them, so here's the plan... 

Blogging diary can also help you for this. If you want to make your blogging better in 2015, let's make sure to make a plan first. For example, make a plan on when are you going to publish every new post or how many times are you going to publish every week. Make sure it's not every day, but not even only once a week because if your readers are waiting for this post today and it won't come up, they won't be going back again tomorrow just to check out if you have already published it. 

The other thing is to make plan on what is going to be your content. If your readers like what you write about, don't change it. Maybe you can add something but remember, if people know you as beauty or fashion blogger, they won't come back to read your blog if you start to write about games, movies... 

You bought your blogging diary/notebook, you set your goals, made your plan and now, you want to prepare yourself. I can't write when I'm in a mess. My work space always has to be clean and neat, because I can't work if there's a plate from kitchen on my desk or bag from potato chips.

Always when you have free time, when you're bored there's blogger. You can write, express yourself here, or just collect content for your next post.

As it's only January, this means we have the whole year in front of us and for bloggers can a lot change trough these 12 months. You only need to remember to keep going and to keep it up. For some of us this can mean future, for others hobby, but whatever it is, if you made your goals, let's make them real, because you never know what will happen' next.

Let's make this year bettah!


  1. I love this! Great tips. I am going to start my on blogging journal :)

  2. Great tips! So helpful!


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