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Monday, 19 January 2015

4 Eyeliner styles

I can start my day without eyeliner but without mascara I can't. Although always when I have some spare time in the morning before the school I love to put eyeliner, because I'm really quick at applying it, I've got used to it.

Eyeliner is used to define your eyes. It makes your eyes bigger, and even shapes them. Eyeliner has been heavy used in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, and by now, you can tell that there are many different ways of applying it, and many different shapes. 

When I started using eyeliner, it was easier for me to use Liquid eye pencil, the lines weren't perfect but by the time I've got used to it, and it was the best for me. I've never liked gel liner, and now I'm using this new, white one, it's also liquid and it works the best for me, and I've got it from local drugstore.  

 The first one is just basic eyeliner style, and I'm using it almost everyday, like I said, when I have some spare time and when I'm not late for the bus in the morning (which happens lately a lot).

For this eyeliner look, I just line my upper lash line and create a little wing, and connect that together. It's just a basic eyeliner look, that I'm using the most and it looks the best on my eyes.

For the next look you're just going to add one more line, so it's bold eyeliner, for those who like a little bit of more shape, and definition.

So, I always create first a wing for this look, and you just need to imagine one line from your lower lash line going up to the end of your eyebrow and that is going to be your wing. I love to use this way of lining my eyes for pin up eyeliner, maybe with a little bit longer wing but for me this works just fine.

And the last one look is a little bit cray cray and I don't wear it, but maybe someone will need it and I wanted to try it, and it was just fun. It's very dramatic eyeliner look. It's pretty similar to bold eyeliner but with that "wing" in the corner of the eye, it reminds me a little bit of cat eyes.

So, as one of you requested this post from my last post, I created it, and added a little bit.  
I'm not a professional in this, I'm just showing my way of doing eyeliner, so I hope you like it and that it helped you : ) 


  1. I have really weirdly shaped eyes so I tend to end up doing the pin-up style eyeliner most days because that's what is easiest for me to do! How strange that eyeliner differs so much from person to person
    Megan x


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