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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Dark december?

Hello my friends!

So, it's December and for me, it means holidays, end of school, winter break and a lot more. Yesterday, I was in shopping with my mom and what I saw...except a lot of Christmas lights and decorations... a lot of dark colors, black jeans, dark blue dresses, dark red sweaters amd a lot more... And I liked it! 

Lately I've been wearing a lot of dark shades of colors but a lot of people say it doesn't look good on such a positive person (What?). I wanted to keep my style but I also listened to their advice. So, I can't forget to mention lipstick! Matte, nude or vibrant colors. 

Brand: Avon Color Trend

Also I wanted to show you some things that I bought and some things that I wear a lot lately.

I'm in love with these narrow boots. 
Brand: Differente 

From: Deichman

Super cozy sweater. Gift from my grandma. It's green but camera makes it blue/turquoise. Great with dark jeans and combat boots.
You can get similar from Monki or Mango.

I'm in love with this one. It looks cool with jeans. 
My mom got it for me, but you can get similar from Farfetch.

In December it can be really cold outside so I like to put on this cozy dress with long sleeves with this cute bow. I combine it with black tights, black boots and black leather jacket. Nothing special and it looks really cute.

Combat boots are always a good choice and also I'm in love with studs. They are super comfy and I like to wear them to school.
From: Deichman

I can't forget a perfume! I'm in love with these two. Sweet but gentle.
(on the right side) From: Zara, Paris
(on the left side) Britney Spears Circus fantasy, from Australia

These are few things that I'm lately obsessed with. Hope you enjoyed reading it. 
Kisses -Lidija


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