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Monday, 19 January 2015

4 Eyeliner styles

I can start my day without eyeliner but without mascara I can't. Although always when I have some spare time in the morning before the school I love to put eyeliner, because I'm really quick at applying it, I've got used to it.

Eyeliner is used to define your eyes. It makes your eyes bigger, and even shapes them. Eyeliner has been heavy used in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, and by now, you can tell that there are many different ways of applying it, and many different shapes. 

When I started using eyeliner, it was easier for me to use Liquid eye pencil, the lines weren't perfect but by the time I've got used to it, and it was the best for me. I've never liked gel liner, and now I'm using this new, white one, it's also liquid and it works the best for me, and I've got it from local drugstore.  

 The first one is just basic eyeliner style, and I'm using it almost everyday, like I said, when I have some spare time and when I'm not late for the bus in the morning (which happens lately a lot).

For this eyeliner look, I just line my upper lash line and create a little wing, and connect that together. It's just a basic eyeliner look, that I'm using the most and it looks the best on my eyes.

For the next look you're just going to add one more line, so it's bold eyeliner, for those who like a little bit of more shape, and definition.

So, I always create first a wing for this look, and you just need to imagine one line from your lower lash line going up to the end of your eyebrow and that is going to be your wing. I love to use this way of lining my eyes for pin up eyeliner, maybe with a little bit longer wing but for me this works just fine.

And the last one look is a little bit cray cray and I don't wear it, but maybe someone will need it and I wanted to try it, and it was just fun. It's very dramatic eyeliner look. It's pretty similar to bold eyeliner but with that "wing" in the corner of the eye, it reminds me a little bit of cat eyes.

So, as one of you requested this post from my last post, I created it, and added a little bit.  
I'm not a professional in this, I'm just showing my way of doing eyeliner, so I hope you like it and that it helped you : ) 

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Night out makeup look

Very neew look, special for this time of the year, with that cold look and pop of color on your lips.
It's simple but still beautiful, kinda remindes me of cat eyes.

So let's get started...

First, I applied NYX eye primer, and right after that, very light brown eyeshadow.

Next, with my liquid liner, I created just a little bigger wing.

Next, i applied very light pink color to the corner of eye and to the middle of my eyelid. I also applied a little bit of pale purple and a little bit od darker pink/purplish color right next to that wing. It looks like this:

These are the colors that I used:

Right after that, with angled brush I applied black color; connected that wing and purple, and mixed all with blending brush.

 And at the end, I just lined my eyes with eye pencil and applied liquid liner and ofc mascara.

I can't forget lipstick. 
It's a pink/purplish color lipstick. I'm loving this season purple lips, for winter, it's magical. I also added lipgloss in the same color just to keep my lip color longer. 

And here's the final look. I think it looks very pretty, especially for the night.

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

TIPS | Blogging in 2015

I have started with blogging almost two months ago and what I learnt is that you can express yourself, show who you are, share what you love and connect with people who love the same things as you do. As the new year came, we all say "New year, new me" but you can't change trough the night but you can try to change the old you.

Remember the day you said you are going to start to work out but you didn't? Think about it. Make a change in 2015, say it, but also do it. 
When it comes to blogging, here are few tips or decisions that I am about to make, to make my blogging better...

All of us even ones experienced writer's block; when we didn't actually know what to write for our new post. That's the reason I bought my blogging diary. What's a blogging diary? Blogging diary can help you when you come up with new ideas to write them down, and when you need to write your post and you have writer's block, whaoala, you can read through your diary and I'm sure that block will be gone, and your head full of new words for your readers.

So, as is a new year, all of us have some new targets, new resolutions or goals for the new year. Us bloggers have at least one resolution or goal in common and that would be to be more successful with our blog. Here's the time when we need to set our targets. Make sure your targets are measurable, and also realistic and not too high and achievable. Of course, they won't be achieved if you won't work for them, so here's the plan... 

Blogging diary can also help you for this. If you want to make your blogging better in 2015, let's make sure to make a plan first. For example, make a plan on when are you going to publish every new post or how many times are you going to publish every week. Make sure it's not every day, but not even only once a week because if your readers are waiting for this post today and it won't come up, they won't be going back again tomorrow just to check out if you have already published it. 

The other thing is to make plan on what is going to be your content. If your readers like what you write about, don't change it. Maybe you can add something but remember, if people know you as beauty or fashion blogger, they won't come back to read your blog if you start to write about games, movies... 

You bought your blogging diary/notebook, you set your goals, made your plan and now, you want to prepare yourself. I can't write when I'm in a mess. My work space always has to be clean and neat, because I can't work if there's a plate from kitchen on my desk or bag from potato chips.

Always when you have free time, when you're bored there's blogger. You can write, express yourself here, or just collect content for your next post.

As it's only January, this means we have the whole year in front of us and for bloggers can a lot change trough these 12 months. You only need to remember to keep going and to keep it up. For some of us this can mean future, for others hobby, but whatever it is, if you made your goals, let's make them real, because you never know what will happen' next.

Let's make this year bettah!

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Liebster Award

I'm nominated!

The purpose of the award is to raise awareness of smaller bloggers less than 200 followers and offers a chance to get to know any new bloggers.

I was nominated for this award by the beautiful Catriona, check out her lovely and cute blog here


1. Link the person who nominated you
2. Answer the questions given by the nominator 
3. Nominate 11 other blogger who have less than 200 followers
4. Create 11 questions for the nominees 
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs 

Catriona's questions

1. What is your favorite brand of Makeup?
There's a lot of them but I would pick Nyx, Nars, Essence.

2. Which celebrity would you want to meet and why?
I could write a list of celebrities that I want to meet, but let's just say Selena Gomez, because I just like her, and I love what she's doing. And I have to mention MakeupByMandy24 or Amanda Steele, because she started on YouTube and I've been there since here first video.

3. What made you want to start blogging?
Like I said in my first post, I love spending my free time in front of my computer. It's all about medias, editing, fashion, beauty, so I wanted to put all of this together.

4. Who or what inspires you for your blog?
I can't say there's nothing that inspires me for my blog, but I love reading fashion magazines; I want to keep it simple but to say a lot so I would like to make it look something like that. I also watch The Carrie Diaries so that helps me somehow to keep going with this.

5. Who are your favorite 3 bloggers?
3. Zoella

6.What is your current favourite song and film?
Film: Divergent

7. Where would you go on an adventure of a lifetime?
Australia, I would like to visit Sea Life Aquarium. And I would like to visit China or Japan, and ofc LA or NYC.
8. What would you do if you suddenly won $10 million?
Travel the world, and start a new life in NYC.

9. What is your dream job?
I would like to work in magazine, as editor, or anything that has something to do with fashion, beauty, writing, editing, medias...

10. Your likes and dislikes?
Likes: traveling, shopping, sleeping, pizza, summer, watching tv shows all day, party...
Dislikes: mushrooms, fake friends, gossip, school, waking up early,

11. A random fact about you? 
I used to buy those teenage magazines just because I wanted posters of my fave celebrities.

I nominate
2. Wanya

My questions:
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Fashion or Beauty? Why?
3.Favorite makeup brand?
4.Favorite trend of 2014?
5. Your expectations for 2015?
6. What's you dream job?
7. Likes and dislikes?
8. Your favorite quote?
9. Who is your inspiration? Why?
10. Where would you like to travel and where would you like to live?
11. Your favorite band/singer?

Thank you for nominating me Catriona! 

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Next step in life?

My life is one huge waiting... I'm always waiting for something... waiting for something to happen, and that won't bring me anywhere.
Have you ever felt that way that you don't know what to do with your life? Have you ever wanted to go forward few years and see what is going on with you there? 
What are doing, where do you live, who are you dating, which friends are still with you?  

Then comes the reality...
At that end, you're just asking yourself: Wow, how did I actually made it? But also there can be a disappointment in the moment... Wait, this isn't what I want at the moment, how did I get here, I don't like that job, or place...

Opportunities, talents, there's not enough time?
There's a lot going on in my head lately. I have only year and a half left to make a huge decision about my entire life and I'm still living in some kind of parallel universe where I still believe in myself that I can do something huge with my life. I love writing, fashion, music, beauty, just like typical teen girl... but not in my surroundings, that's not a typical girl. In this country there are very small opportunities to put that all together and if you want to be somebody with that here; not possible.

It happens that you don't have chances at all to the something you like, but sometimes you have two of them, and you have to make a decision which one is more important for you. 

Starting over, going after you goals...
The first thing that I would like to do is to move, somewhere. Somewhere where nobody knows you, where people would appreciate what you do and that's definitely not here where I live. And after that, all you need to do is to be noticed among all the people around you. That road can be really hard, difficult, maybe some people won't understand you, sometimes even the closest; family or friends, they won't understand you because you're not going down that road they wanted you to go, but this is your life and if you're not doing what you love then why would you even do it? Nobody wants to do something that he doesn't like, right?

Sometimes you need to take a risk, even if it seems dangerous, or scary. Sometimes you'll regret it, but sometimes you'll be happy you tried, because that may be the right thing for you and it may change your life, you, or your goals.
You always have to listen to someone's advice, but you also have to listen to your heart...

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ariana Grande Inspired look


Before we start, check this intro video!

So, here we go:
Starting with a primer and concealer, to cover all of my blemishes and redness because Ariana has flawless skin.

Products used: 
NYX eye primer 
COLOR TREND concealer

2nd step; applying very light pink eyeshadow.

120 eyeshadow palette

3rd step; on that pink eyeshadow, we're applying brown/golden color.

120 eyeshadow palette

4th step; applying light brown color to the crease.

Then I filled my eyebrows; tried them to look alike Ariana's.
I also applied my Elf eyeliner and black eyepencin to my lower and upper lash line, curled my lashes and applied mascara Maybelline Rocket.
(Ariana also wears fake lashes, so you can apply those, but I didn't wanted)

And at the end I applied my Oriflame Everlasting Foundation and Rimmel Stay Matte.

Here's the final look, but, I missed something... ofc, hair!
Her signature half up half down hairstyle. 

BTW these finals are killing me. I study all day for 4-6 hours so I wasn't even able to post, but holidays are coming and winter break, so I'm so excited, can't describe how much I love Christmas!!!

xoxo, Lidija

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Friday, 12 December 2014

December (Winter) Makeup tutorial

Hello there! 

Lidija here again! Today I wanted to show you my December makeup.

Like I said in my last post, I'm in love with dark lipsticks this season so I combined that dark purple/red/pink lipstick with (I can say) light eye make up. 

This is not my everyday makeup, I like to do my makeup like this when I'm going out, it's cool for day but that lipstick has HELL YEAH power at night! Hihi

 So, here's me, without make up.


  • COLOR TREND concealer: Makes those              under eye bags go away and also covers    blemishes.
  • NYX Eye primer: just to my eye makeup last longer.

After applying concealer and primer

2. EYES 
  • 120 EYESHADOW PALETTE (light brown mixed with white)

  • 120 EYESHADOW PALETTE ( dark brown/silver/black )

  • ELF EYELINER (I love liquid eyeliners more than anythig, it doesn't matter which brand.) 

  • MASCARA MAYBELLINE ROCKET: This one fits me the most because I have very short eyelashes without volume and this mascara is the solution. 

  • LIPSTICK AVON HOLLYWOOD COLECTION : I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw him, it lasts forever, and it doesn't dry your lips like some of them do.

Light makes it red, but it's red/purple/pinkish 

  • Final touch RIMMEL STAY MATTE, to give me that flawless look and soft skin.

And here's the final look :)

I'm really happy how it turned out. I'm definitely wearing this to tonight's party.

Comment your thoughts, would you wear this look, and if you do, where? :)
XOXO, Lidija

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